Warsaw Sights

Warsaw is capital city of Poland. This largest city in middle of country Poland is located on the river Vistula. Warsaw is political and culture center of Poland. In the last years Warsaw deservedly became one of main tourist destinations in Europe. Altitude of this city is 100 m.

Warsaw is no more part of eastern bloc and in these days this is modern and economically strong city. Warsaw is member of European Union since 2004. This is for sure one of the greenest cities in Europe with beautiful parks and magnificent sights.

Warsaw is incredible mixture of exciting modern appearance and rich history and tradition. In Warsaw you can see various architecture styles and that is one more reason why you have to choose this city as the next tourist destination.

Whatever you looking for I'm sure that you will find in this magnificent city. Warsaw offer interesting museums, tasty foods, night life activities and much more. You have to visit numerous museums, painting galleries, churches, castles.

This is a list of Warsaw sights and attractions : Old Town, Palace of Culture and Science, Royal Castle, Łazienki Park, National Museum, Saxon Garden, Presidential Palace, Wilanów Palace, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Ostrogski Palace, Złote Tarasy, Warsaw Citadel, Brühl Palace, Czapski Palace, Natolin, Mostowski Palace, Poster Museum at Wilanów, Warsaw Zoo, Foksal Gallery, Włochy, Museum of Warsaw, Museum of John Paul II, Museum of Technology, Polish Theatre , Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw Railway Museum, Krzyżtopór.

Old town

This part of Warsaw was completely destroyed during world war two. Reconstruction of this part of Warsaw lasted for years. Since 1980 old town is under protection of UN organization - UNESCO. In old town you can see plenty of cafes, interesting alleys, open air galleries and art performers. If you are tired of modern building shapes, this is great sight if you want to see old architecture style but with special magic.

Market Square in Old Town

Market Square in Old Town, Warsaw

Royal Castle

The Royal Castle is official residence of the monarchs in Poland. As you can see on image below, Royal castle is placed in Castle Square in Old Town of Warsaw city.

Royal Castle Square

Royal Castle Square, Warsaw

Łazienki Palace

The Łazienki Palace is Baroque style palace ( Palace on the Water). This really beautiful museum is located on huge park and you will be surprised by beauty of garden surrounding the palace. Very calm, quite and relaxing place in Warsaw.

You can visit and see and the other buildings in this huge park such as Botanic garden, Orangerie, Mysliwski and much more. You will have different impressions about this place in different seasons of year. In park you can see animals - ducks, peacocks, squirrels.

Łazienki Palace, Warsaw

Krakowskie Przedmiescie

Krakowskie Przedmiescie is the most famous street in Warsaw. This street has some special spirit and it worth to walking entire this wonderful street. You can walk this street to main square where you can see wonderful castle.

There are many good restaurants, shops and cafés. You can find great street performers and I'm sure that you will spend great time in this street. This street is full of happy people, full of energy and beautiful historic buildings. This can be such good experience for you. In Krakowskie Przedmiescie you can feel rhythm of modern Warsaw.

Krakowskie Przedmiescie, Warsaw

Frederick Chopin Museum

Frederick Chopin Museum is one more sight that you must visit when you come to Warsaw. In this museum you can find facts about professional and private life of one of the most famous Polish composer in the world ever. You can see so many photos and Chopin's pianos. This can be good choice for school groups travel. This is very well organised tour and you will learn something new about this composer.

Frederick Chopin Museum, Warsaw

Nowy Swiat

One charming and nice street in Warsaw. You can find delicious bakeries and lovely restaurants in this street. You can have a drink or coffee in some cafes in this street and simply relax yourself.

Nowy swiat, Warsaw

Branicki palace

This is impressive and splendid palace and now it is place where is University of medicine located. Around palace is beautiful garden.

Branicki palace, Warsaw


Very elegant architecture style building with huge stage inside. Fantastic decorations and performance.

Teatr Wielki, Warsaw

You should put Warsaw in your plans. You will not regret if you decide to visit this city. You will collect new precious experiences and you will be pleasantly surprised with interesting sights and attractions in Warsaw.