Stockholm Sights

Stockholm is capital city of Sweden. This is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It is built on 14 islands and with 57 bridges. City is old over 700 years and now is cultural and economic center of Baltic area. Stockholm is city with great shopping, fantastic hotels, cultural life. Stockholm is probably the best choice for traveling. Stockholm city has a lot of parks and green spaces.

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There is a lot of beautifull Stockholm sights:
Gamla Stan, Drottningholm , Kungsträdgården , Sergels Torg , Archipelago..etc..

Gamla Stan This is part of city when time is stopped. When you come to Stockholm it is your first point to start your tour.

Gumla stan

Drottningholm (Queen's Islet) This is village on the island. Here is the Palace where Sweden royal familiy lives since 1981.

Drottningholm palace

Kungsträdgården ( King's Garden) It is great park in central part of Stockholm. It is the most popular and the most famous place for meetings. Here is a lot of cafes, restaurants and galleries.


Sergels Torg This is one wonderful public square in Stockholm. It is place with fontain and sculpture in the center. Square looks fantastic by the night with a lot of lights.


Archipelago This is the biggest archipelago of Sweden. I can't describe you this beauty, you must come and see it.


This beautiful city must be your travel choice. Stockholm sightseeing.

Low cost and low price Stockholm hotels are reality in this moment. Cheep hotels in Stockholm are everywhere. You can have good time in this City. Sometimes I loan and hire , rent , cheap hotel, sometimes fency and expensive hotel rooms and apartment. This is time for holidays and vacation.