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Europe tourist sights - Colourful traveler

With this travel website I will show you the most beautiful cities in Europe. This is some kind of tourist guide and recommendation for european trip for this year. Probably you doubt which cites of Europe to visit now. This web site is here to help you. I made my top list of european cities. The cities are : Prague, Lisbon, Vienna, Paris, Stockholm. Prepare your suitcases and enjoy in traveling.

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What is so exciting about travel ? I ask myself. My answer is that you meet so many great and different people. Because people are the huge wealth. In every European cities are people with their special habits. Exchanging of experiences will make you more wise and you will become better like human being.

Beside of meeting people you can test european style of life. That includes foods, music, buildings, museums, a lot of attractions , sightseeing and sights and fun. You can choose a lot of quality hotels, restaurants, disco, cafes, clubs. Promptly and colourful ... For example, me, like European traveler, I like nature, too.

Keep sunshine in your hair. If you can travel whole of the world , don't worry about nothing. Prepare yourself for accepting different culture and open your mind with your hands wide opened. Visit and see every city's sight. Take the map and trip.

I don't want to recommend to you any travel agency. There is a lot of travel agencies. The most of them are very good. Only, what can I say is Good Luck. Trip Europe.


Just try to find appropriate European destination travel tour for next year. Ther is so many exciting places on planet earth that you have to visit. European travel guide for restless travelers who enjoy in some quolity trips and who expecting from life the best thing. Various places has various people. Open your eyes and be ready to see wondurful world sightseeings.

You will see that there are differences between estern, western, southern an northern Europe. That is why Europe is so much interesting and why you can see and visit it. Forsure if you search for some cheap european tour, I think that you will find it. Good luck.

I guess that most of people on the planet earth like to travel and visit some interesting places. No matter what distance is from your sweet home to some travel destination if you see something that can take your breath away, you will know and feel in the same time that you made right choice and you will know that you are on the rights place.

There is always the same question about this issue - On which website you can made searching for some adequate and sincere reviews of travel recommendations. Well, in this times of global commercialism's , that can be really hard task. You have to realize one thing. There is no need for some travel agents in these modern age, asking them for good travel tips. There are some travel websites which can make your travel dreams come true.

Travel industry and travel market are huge on world wide web. Everybody compete with the similar travel websites and travel topics in way to offer something new, and in same time it could be better or not. You can find in some travel website incredible stories that every customer can start to think that he found right source of proven travel information. Frankly, that can't be true and that can be real problem to people who intend to enjoy in the next travel adventures. I made this webiste 2009. trying to give you some useful travel information and I convinced that I did it by my well-intentioned reasons. I focused on Europe tourist sights and tourists who has burning desire to visit this described cities in Europe.

I named this website with extraordinary titles : Colourful traveler and Promptly traveler trying to offer something that nobody offered before and I convinced that as traveler with huge experience can provide to visitors of this web site a little bit different info.

Just try to visit Stockholm, Paris, Vienna, Lisbon, Prague and try to send some comments about your precious impressions. I would like to thank to all my friend who gave me generous support to make this modest website.